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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Customers for both sal ammoniac and sulphate of ammonia

Some purchasers bought both sal ammoniac and sulphate of ammonia. Most of them were manufacturing chemists.

George Elliot, the purchaser of the City's Millwall product works, who has been described in a previous chapter.

Frank Hills, who will be described in a great deal of detail later

Charles Pearson, the Deptford copperas manufacturer, who will also be described later.

Groves, a vitriol and aqua fortis manufacturer from Battersea

John Jones, another vitriol manufacturer from Limehouse.

There was only one customer who bought both sal ammoniac and sulphate of ammonia who might not have been a manufacturing chemist:

‘Merry' who applied for rough muriate' and 'sulphate in hogsheads’ could have been a Whitechapel Gunsmith. Sal ammoniac was used in the gunsmith's trade. However other Merrys in London trade in this period include both a drysalter and drug broker so the buyer could have been another dealer in chemicals.

Once more it appears that purchases of ammonia salts were entirely undertaken by manufacturing chemists

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