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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The General Gas Light Company

A prospectus exists for this company which dates from around 1823. There is no record of a works being started but the list is interesting - in so far as those involved can be identified - as it has a strong bias towards the scientific community of the day.

The List of Promotors:

Philip Monoux Lucas - seems to have been the main investor in this gas company. He was of the firm of Chauncy, Lucas and Lang of Liverpool, sugar planters - and also a slave owner who was to make big losses from emancipation. He was nevertheless still very rich. Later, in 1827, he became Governor of the Imperial Gas Company (see later) and succeeded in sorting out corruption there. He lived at Elmwood House, Redcoat Green, Great Wymonderley. Sadly, one of his main claims to fame was that his son ‘Mad Lucas’ became a hermit of the most dramatic kind and caused a scandal through self neglect.

William Hyde Wollaston Physician- chemist and philosopher. President of the Royal Society, with many discoveries and inventions to his credit. Was to become a subscriber to at least two gas company flotations. Wollaston was a major scientific figure in this period.

Mr. Adams - Probably John Adams who was also subscriber to the Canal Gas Engine Co. Possibly the Bromsgrove drysalter and indigo merchant. A subscriber to the Royal College of Chemistry.

Charles Francis, the Roman Cement manufacturer and shipper of lime and bricks, wharfinger, limeburner and cement and marble merchant, Earl Street, Blackfriars and Phoenix Wharf, Nine Elms. City of London Corporation broker. He was also to subscribe to the Imperial Company.

William Gaussen, Lived (1846) 3 Kings Bench Walk, which may imply that he was a lawyer. Subscriber to the Royal College of Chemistry and a friend of Wollaston.

Thomas Greg, Perhaps one the cotton manufacturing Gregs from Manchester. Another Thomas Gregg lived at Coles in Puckeridge.

Henry Kater, Henry Kater, a scientist, designer of precision instruments and a friend of Wollaston.

Charles John Manning, Commissioner in Lunacy, London.

F.Wood Unidentified

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