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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Star Brewery site in Wapping

The Ratcliffe Gas Company’s inland site at Sun Tavern Fields has already been described. The company soon realised that they needed a wharf - like all companies with land-locked gas works, they had a problem with coal supplies.

The Brewery can be seen on contemporary maps - it stood with a street between it and the river and is the large industrial building, which once stood on the north side of the road at the junction of Wapping High Street, New Gravel Lane and ‘Prussian Island’. As such it would have had a access to the river in the area near the pub, The Prospect of Whitby - now one of the most popular tourist venues in the east end!.

Ratcliffe were to lease the site - and it represented the future of the gas industry in the east end.

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