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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The United General Gas Company

This scheme dates from 1824, and is also not known to have succeeded. It is however clearly closely related to the General Gas Company. Many of subscribers are the same, plus a few more, presumably as an attempt to raise more capital - some with involvements in other gas companies.

Joseph Clarke Clarke was to be a prominent figure in the Imperial Gas Company, eventually going to gaol for irregularities concerning the Arigna Iron Company, in which he appears to have been involved with William Congreve. He has proved very resistant indeed to research - but appears to have been based in Kilburn, had a number of brothers, also involved, and was described as a ‘scavenger and contracting dustman’.

This is the list of promoters

William Frampton: Also involved in the Phoenix Gas Company, a Bermondsey saddler.

Richard Heale: Also involved in the Phoenix Gas Company, a ‘colonial broker’ of Mincing Lane.

Simon McGillivray: Lived Dartmouth Row, Blackheath. McGillivray was a Scot with close connections to Canada and Canadian trade in the Montreal company of McTavish, McGillivrays and Co. Involved in South American silver mines and a proprietor of the Morning Chronicle. He is said to have gone to Canada on behalf of the Freemasons.

Isaac Nicholson: 1846 lived 54 Hunter Street and later South End, Beckenham. May have been the Cumbrian landowner.

William Peter: Poet and MP. Lived Llanfoist House, Abergavenny.

George Richard Porter: Commissioner for Traffic.

Previously subscribers to the General Gas Light Co: Charles Francis, P.M. Lucas, Hyde Wollaston, John Adams, William Gaussen, Thomas Greg, Charles John Manning,Henry Kater

James Hughes Anderson,
Roger Harries, in 1814 an auditor of the Chartered Company.[533]
William Henry Porter,
Henry Sampson,
Woodhouse Williams

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