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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Huddart's Limehouse Ropeworks - gas making plant 1811

The documents below relate to an extremely early industrial gas making plant installed by the Birmingham based Boulton and Watt Partnership in 1811.  It is possibly the earliest such plant installed in London.  As can be seen the gas making plant is designed to be integrated with the engine also supplied by Boulton and Watt (I have not copied plans for this here).
The documents come from the Boulton and Watt archive in Birmingham Reference Library
(I am not aware of any copywrite restrictions on these - please contact me if there is and they will be removed)
The plant was installed at the innovative rope and cable works of Joseph Huddart, hydrographer and one of the Elder Brethern of Trinity House.  It stretched north from, roughly the current crossing of Commercial Road of the Limehouse Cut.

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  1. Just a note on the name Huddart. Mrs Huddart was a teacher at Halstow Road School in the early 60s when I was there as a child. When I returned as a teacher in 1974, she was still there! Not a common name eh?