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Monday, 30 March 2015


includes George Livesey's Co-partnership ideals. New post (sorry can't load PDFs onto this blog)

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  1. Hi. I was doing some research on my great grandfather - William Henry Putt - and stumbled across your work. William was a bricklayer and was employed at the Gas Works at Bell Green, Sydenham as a retort setter. He lived at 1 Bell Green. The family story goes that one day a journalist who was writing an article about the Livesey Memorial Hall knocked on William’s door and asked if he knew anything about it. William had actually been involved in it’s construction. During the subsequent interview William was asked how many bricks he thought had been used and he worked out the sums on the back of his door with a piece of chalk. Not sure when this would have been but William died in 1946.